Friday, February 27, 2015

The Phoenix Requiem - Anya

Hooo!  This is a dark one!  The Phoenix Requiem is story set in a Victorian inspired setting where magic is real, or at least used to be.  Ever since the spirits worshiped by man where mysteriously sealed away the Age of Magic has become a distant memory.  Science has now replaced mystism and mankind has moved on.

One winter day a mysterious gentleman stumbles onto the outskirts of the small town Esk with two gunshot wounds in his chest.  While he is nursed back to health, the town is soon set upon by a flesh eating plague as well as the vengeful shades of the dead.  What the man's exact connection to these events are is unknown, but it is clear that is the key to either the town's destruction or its salvation.

Written by the same author that did Inverloch, The Phoenix Requiem is a definite read for those who like horror and/or Victorian styles. (first page)

Anya Katsukova 
Anya is a nurse studying under the town doctor and the one who nurses the mysterious man back to health.  While she is initially skeptical of the mystic and believes that everything has a scientific explanation, she soon finds herself right smack in the middle of events that will strain all sense of reason to their limits.



  1. Ooh, that's some pretty art! Looks like I have yet another comic to add to my list. You're killing me here! XD

    1. Mwahahaha! Yes, my fiendish plan to slay you with good reading material will soon bear fruit!

  2. Wow the artwork in this series looks amazing. ^_^ Seems like a really great series Hfar. ^_^