Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nerf Now!! - Angela, Anne-Marie, and Crystal Maiden

There are many webcomics out there about gaming, but there's only one drawn by a Brazilian with a fondness for genderbending and smut.  At least, I think there is.  Could be interesting if there was another.

Nerf Now!! was originally a spoof series about Team Fortress 2, but now covers a wide variety of games.  The general focus of the series is lampooning topical video game news/releases/updates, along with whatever else the author feels like drawing at the time.  Usually this will involve one or more cute female characters and if it's a game without a female characters, one will be provided via gender bending.  Because that's what the author generally feels like drawing.

There really isn't a consistent "main character" of Nerf Now with the exception of the author avatar, but he's a man size sentient purple tentacle so he doesn't really count for this blog.  However there are a number of lovely female characters that rotate through the series, so we'll be covering a few this update. (first comic)

Angela, a.k.a. "Engie," is the female version of the Engineer from Team Fortress 2.  She knows her way around a wrench and can use it as both a construction tool and combat weapon in equal favor.  After awhile she becomes one of the first host/main characters of the series along with the author insert character, Jo the Tentacle.  And yes, a girl and a tentacle can live under the same house without "that" happening.  Probably anyway...

Wait 'till you see her reaction to the ending.

"Draw me like one of your webcomic girls."

Engie along with Alek, the female version of the Heavy from TF2.

Anne-Marie is the female version of the Spy from TF2 and later becomes one of the main characters along with Alek (the female Heavy), Morgan (the female Demoman), and Jane (the female Soldier.)  Anne-Marie is what one might call an "attention whore" and has no problems tweaking her persona or indulging in shameless fanservice in order to gain subscribers.

Crystal Maiden
Crystal Maiden is a character from the video game series DOTA 2 who makes a few appearances in Nerf Now!!  In the comic she's portrayed as outgoing and maternal (due to her role as a "support" class in DOTA 2) and she gets a couple of barefoot moments.

Too poor to even afford boots.  It's a DOTA thing apparently.

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  1. Ooh, I love the art style. Really cute. :) Shame there aren't more relevant pics.

    And I'm amazed at your ability to find so many awesome examples of feet in webcomics. XD Keep up the great work!