Friday, February 13, 2015

Drowtales: Path to Power - An'jhali

Mmmm, how to describe the odd duck of a webcomic that is Drowtales: Path to Power?  In a sentence: a subscription based fantasy society building macro RPG webcomic with a story determined by vote.

Confused yet?  Allow me to elaborate.

Path to Power revolved around the story of a clan of subterranean dark elves, or drow, driven from their home by invaders.  Only roughly one tenth of the city's population managed to escape being slaughtered and those that lived were forced to flee into the bowels of the huge underground cavern system that makes up their world.  And that's only the prologue.

During Path to Power's initial runeach reader could play the role of a member of the clan Tei'kaliath that would be drawn as background and/or secondary character by the artist.  At its height there were over three hundred named characters and each week votes would be cast to determine what direction the story would take.  The comic completed its run in early 2014 and the series was archived.  It can still be read from start to finish here:  (first comics)

An'jhali is the leader of the Tei'kaliath drow and the main character of Path to Power.  The last surviving member of the old city's royal family, she was the youngest daughter of the old queen and far down the line of succession.  Now she finds herself inexplicably as ruler, a mantle she never thought she'd have to take up.  The responsibility of leading a her rag tag group of survivors weights heavily on her although she takes her responsibility to them very seriously.

Sometimes you got to the start the day off with a little brooding.

The clan desires a swimsuit contest! An'jhali wonders about her clan sometimes.
One upside to being clan leader though is the occasional bit of pampering.  Case in point:



  1. Hooray for a bigger post! :D That sounds like a real interesting setup for a comic to take. Cool that it worked out! And the art is really good too! Love those dark-skinned ladies. :)

    1. Eeeyup! I have never quite found another webcomic with a setup like Path to Power, nor the scope. It was fun to take part of while it lasted.

  2. Another series with really beautiful artwork. Very hot!! ^_^