Friday, March 6, 2015

The Hunters of Salamanstra - Kessah

Across the kingdom of Salamanstra mysterious Black Gates have begun to open, unleashing hellish creatures by the score.  To combat this threat guilds of "Hunters" were formed, skilled men and women trained to fight the monsters no-one else could hope to face.  However even the best efforts of the bravest hunters is proving not enough to stem this nightmarish tide and the chances of humanity's survival are far from certain... (first page)

Kessah is a young girl who always wanted to be a hunter but was strictly by her older sister to even consider it.  Much to Kessah's shock she's told that her sister was herself was a hunter and that she has has fallen while trying to seal one of the Black Gates on her own.  Now Kessah seeks to finally become a hunter herself and to perhaps find out why her sister forbade her from following the same path as her.

How rude!  Don't some people know it's impolite to throw daggers in a girl's room?



  1. Oh hey, a comic I've read before finally! XD I'm a big fan of JJ's art so I checked out this comic of his. Pretty good stuff! :)

    1. Curses! My plans to bury my readers in less well known webcomics has failed! Uh, I mean, good toe hear AC! :)

      In all seriousness, JJs art is pretty nice. At some point I plan on doing a post on The Lounge when I've gone through and marked all the decent bare foot moments.